My Top 20 Albums 2015 — Numbers 10 — 6

Continuing the Top 20 albums of 2015 and moving well into New Years Eve…the Red Stripe is going down well tonight…

Number 10 — Lucy Ward – I Dreamt I was a BirdLucy Ward - I Dreamt I was a Bird

Released by Betty Beetroot Records

Feeding my Folk tastes Lucy Ward never fails to deliver. This is really a fabulous album including one of my favourite tracks of the year – “Creatures and Demons” – her 3rd album sees her going from strength to strength and performing a lot more of her own songs rather than cover versions. She is certainly stronger with a full backing band who now tour with her. Check out “Return To Earth” from the album here:

Download Lucy Ward – I Dreamt I was a Bird




Number 9 – Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott – Wisdom Laughter and LinesPaul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott - Wisdom Laughter and Lines

Released by Virgin

One of two bands that appear in both this year’s and last year’s chart. Having followed Paul Heaton since the early days of The Housemartins it is always a pleasure hearing his songs and Jacqui Abbott provides a great foil to his talents and delivers so much in her own right. His Heatongrad on this album is a classic.The track that follows is the first of two Northern Soul type tracks that will appear in this round up…which is not a bad thing at all. Enjoy “I Don’t See Them”:

Download Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott – Wisdom Laughter and Lines



Number 8 – Random Hand – Hit ResetRandom Hand - Hit Reset

Released On Broken Silence / Our Records / Bomber Music / Pledge Music / Code 7

At last, some proper punk rock…sadly the last Random Hand album before they went on an indefinite hiatus…but a great album none the less…leaning a bit more towards the Pennywise sound this time (to my mind at least) but still with some great metal and ska hooks thrown in here and there…I hope they are not away for too long.

No videos released for this album – here’s an audio of “After The Alarm”

Download Random Hand – Hit Reset



Number 7 – Sleaford Mods – Key MarketsSleaford Mods - Key Markets

Released by Harbinger Records

Another album that charted – Number 11 for this one – this follow up to last year’s Divide and Conquer finds the now full time band continuing to deliver strong and interesting social commentary backed up with the most fabulous minimalist beats. This is a much stronger album than last years Divide and Conquer and No One’s Bothered is a cracker – the very fact that this video is from the Jools Holland show says a lot:

Download Sleaford Mods – Key Markets




Number 6 – The Selecter – SubcultureThe Selecter - Subculture

Released by DMF Music

Hitting number 54 in the National Charts is quite an achievement, and is their first charting album since their second LP Celebrate The Bullet reached 41 in 1981 (their debut Too Much Pressure reached Number 5 in 1980). It is certainly well deserved – gigging all over the place and turning out a really strong album in Subculture – I also read Pauline Blacks Memoirs “Black By Design” which I strongly recommend. Here’s the second video from Subculture “Walk The Walk”:

Download The Selecter – Subculture




15 – 11


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