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Dancing in the Moonlight
Bigods Lane

153-365v4 Dancing in the Moonlight

Today’s picture is from this morning’s walk with the infra-red camera. Yes, the image of the moon was taken this morning although, in truth, it wasn’t actually positioned there…but I like the image and didn’t want it ignored. Of course, the usual tree shot was always going to be used.

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Infra-Red Seedhead
close up

147-365v4 Infra-Red Seedhead

I’m not sure why I haven’t tried this before – infra-red macro. I rather like what the process has done to this dandelion seedhead – there’s definitely some mileage in this – expect to see a re-worked (ie better, in focus) version of this in the next few days and

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It's That Tree Again
Bigods Lane

146-365v4 It’s That Tree Again

I broke out my infra-red converted Nikon D60 camera for the first time this year, depsite the fact that it was overcast first thing this morning. I’d decided I was going to use it last night and charged the battery up so wasn’t going to be put off by a

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Great Dunmow Parish Church
Biods Lane

A Spring Stroll Around Great Dunmow

Another catch up post, this time from May 2019 when I took a walk around the North part of Great Dunmow via the church towards Little Easton, back along Bigods Lane and then on to Doctors Pond. As always we had plenty of wildlife on the pond and generally around

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Infra-Red Bunny

279/365v3 Infra-Red Bunny

I regularly see a lot of rabbits on my morning walks around Dunmow. Today, I had my infra-red camera with me so wondered what a rabbit would look like…wonder no more – I like how the eye has come out particularly.

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Reclining Figure

268/365v3 – Reclining Figure

I’m the Chairman of Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club for the next two years. The season runs from September to April, but we always run a series of events throughout the year on most Tuesdays and occasional Saturdays. This year’s first Saturday trip was to the Henry Moore Studios and Gardens

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256/365v3 – New Growth

This is a detail of a larger image of this tree…I preferred the detail on the leaves that you get in this cropped down version…see below for the original version…

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Mark Seton

Mark Seton

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club (and am a past Chairman) and I hold both LRPS and CPAGB distinctions.