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Honey Bee on New England Aster
back garden

263-365v4 -Honey Bee on New England Aster

Another day, another shot from the garden. The New England Aster came good again with a very busy honey bee collecting the pollen this afternoon. A relatively straight forward shot although you do have to watch out for the sparkling highlights on the bee and its wings. You can see

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The Hoverfly and the New England Aster
close up

260-365v4 – The Hoverfly and the New England Aster

Sorry about this, but it’s the New England Aster again, but I think you’ll agree, it is sufficiently different, with the addition of the hoverfly, to those that have gone before. Indeed, I’d say it was more like a much earlier shot of my last flower muse the echinacea. We

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Small Purple and Gold (Mint) Moth
mint moth

248-365v4 – Small Purple and Gold (Mint) Moth

I think this is a small purple and gold (Pyrausta aurata) moth also known as a Mint Moth…and we do have mint in the garden. I’m a bit unsure because, well, there’s not much purple on it and last time we had these in the garden they were quite purple.

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Moth in Purple

240-365v4 Moth in Purple

There’s been a certain lack of energy and inspiration today (well, much of this week to be fair), so all you’re getting today is a moth with a rather vivid purple (plant pot) background 😉

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Moth on Sunflower
close up

238-365v4 Moth on Sunflower

I was mooching around the garden looking for a subject when this tiny moth flew past me and tried to hide behind one of the sunflowers. I found it and here you have today’s photo. By a lucky coincidence I also got that lovely magenta echinacea background, they are definitely

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Bumble Bee on Lavender
bumble bee

231-365v4 Bumble Bee on Lavender

We used to have great bushes of lavender but we had to pull it all out at the start of the year as it had become very woody and overgrown…we gained another quarter of garden by removing it ;-). We did get some new lavender which is potted rather than

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(Hover) Flys in White Satin

230-365v4 (Hover) Flys in White Satin

From the “Who knew this would look any good” school of flower photography. I mean, who turns an image of a sunflower black and white really? I took an infra-red photo of a dandelion seed head some time ago which had a similar effect and I said at the time I’d do

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Mark Seton

Mark Seton

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club (and am a past Chairman) and I hold both LRPS and CPAGB distinctions.