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Into The Void Black and White Unite XXIV

295-365v4 Into The Void Black and White Unite XXIV

Back to preparing some backgrounds for these types of photographs. I originally had this as white dots on transparent background, but of course ink jet printers don’t print white and I didn’t really want to use all the ink that printing all that black background would take!

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294-365v4 Drained

Continuing the coffee theme from the last few days here’s a bit of a fun composite of 3 photographs to build the final image.

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Black or White?

291-365v4 Black or White? – Black and White Unite XXII

I dug around in my little box of bits and pieces and found the cheapo coffee beans I got from the Co-Op back in January. Despite having been used in numerous photos and having been in an opened pack for all this time they still smell delicious…and they still make

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Black and White Unite XX! Incoming Outgoing

279-365v4 Black and White Unite XXI Incoming Outgoing

Very much an extension/continuation of the pencil shot a couple of days ago. Having looked back at that shot I think it was a mistake making that a pure black and white shot. This time I have left the little bit of colour the wood gives you and i think

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Disco Balls

267-365v4 -Disco Balls

Debbie was somewhat bemused as she watched me leave the kitchen clutching the cheesegrater…15 minutes later and the daily photograph is completed.There were a few variations that came out of this shown below.

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Canon Sure Shot AF-7 abstract

218-365v4 The All Seeing Eye

This is an abstract shot of an old film camera of mine I found in a draw a couple of weeks ago. It’s the Canon Sure Shot AF-7. It’s a point and shoot camera with auto focus and a 35mm f4.5 lens. That said you have no choice over what

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Black and White Unite XVI

217-365v4 Black and White Unite XVI

It was lovely weather all day as I worked away in the office. As soon as I finished work, the heavens opened, so I’ve gone back to the Black and White Unite series, combining 2 of the patterns I used earlier in the series and adding some soup spoons to

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A Pot of Flowers

212-365v4 A Pot of Flowers

We spent some of the afternoon photographing some of Debbie’s new products – you can see them in her Etsy store here – after we had finished she repurposed the flowers into a ceramic pot…and that is today’s picture. with a few textures added to liven it up a bit.

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Mark Seton

Mark Seton

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club (and am a past Chairman) and I hold both LRPS and CPAGB distinctions.