My Top 20 Albums of 2015 — 20 – 16

So. you all enjoyed my run-down of my favourite albums last year so, as I special New Year’s treat, I’m doing it again…except I ran out of time the last two days so I’m running quite a long way behind – will I complete the list before midnight on New Year’s Eve or will it drag on into the New Year?

Number 20 – Joey Cape – Stitch Puppy
Joey Cape Sick Puppy

Released via Fat Wreck Cords

Last year’s Number 1 album – Lagwagon’s Hang featured vocalist Joey Cape on vocals…who gets my Top 20 off and running with the excellent Stich Puppy. I’ve always enjoyed Joey Cape’s voice and it sits well on these mainly acoustic tracks. Certainly different to his output with Lagwagon, but just as enjoyable.

Download Joey Cape – Stitch Puppy




Number 19 – Counting Coins – Self TitledCounting Coins

Released on All Our Own Records

The first release from Hull’s Counting Coins probably deserves a higher position, but, along with a few other albums this year, I’ve not had it long – there’s been a rash of new releases during November and December and I’m always keen to let an album settle in before I decide quite how good it is.

This album is slightly different to what I was expecting after their earlier single releases. This feels more punky than I expected – certainly not a bad thing and the bass is really pushed high up in the mix…there are a few tracks on here that I know are going to be big favourites…definitely one to watch.

Download Counting Coins debut album


Number 18 – Dirty Revolution – BurnDirty Revolution Burn After Listening

Sadly the last release from Dirty Revolution who I came across years ago supporting the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble and saw live many times. This EP, pushes ever closer to the calypso ska style they introduced (to me at any rate) . No actual videos made and it’s not available on open release – so have a track off their last full album:






Number 17 – Piney Gir – mR. hYDE’S wILD rIDEPiney Gir - mR. hYDE’S wILD rIDE

Released via Damaged Goods Records

Great Alt-Pop from Piney Gir. I was a little disappointed with the album – the singles suggested a more up-beat album but when Piney Gir gets it right – boy does she ever write a good tune…like the first single from the album – Gold rules:

Download Piney Gir – mR. hYDE’S wILD rIDE





Number 16 – Slaves – Are You SatisfiedSlaves - Are You Satisfied

Released via Virgin Records

It’s great when a band you have followed for a couple of years get some success. With televised appearances on the BBC’s Glastonbury coverage, signing to a “major” label and selling out their main tour all over the place it’s been a good year for the pair. The “debut” album (they call their first 10 track release an EP!) peaked at number 8 on its first week of release…pretty impressive. Here’s Cheer Up London from the album

Download Slaves – Are You Satisfied




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