My Top Albums of 2014 – Numbers 20 – 16

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I’ve always had a passion for music, starting in my youth, as a Rude Boy and, when The Specials split up, becoming a punk rocker. Most people did it the other way round. I have a large collection of music and add to that all the time. I’ve never had a problem in trying different things, as a boy I used to buy records based on the label they were on when I had never heard the band before – some you win, some you lose.

I used to have books filled with my own charts, for some reason I quite clearly remember The Ruts’ Babylon Is Burning as my Number 1 for 1 week…The Damned’s Friday 13th EP was another I can remember hitting that top spot…I may even still have this book somewhere, perhaps I should dig it out…

So, this year has been a good year for new albums, probably helped by the volume of driving I have done for work allowing me plenty of time to listen to new stuff. So, without further ado – here are numbers 20 – 15;

Number 20 – The Old Firm Casuals – This Means War
The Old Firm Casuals - This Means War

Released on Oi! The Boat Records and Randale Records


Lars Frederiksen’s other band when he’s not playing with Rancid…basically an Oi band that I hadn’t particularly enjoyed prior to this album. However, this is a cracking album and I do particularly enjoy Perry Boys which you can see (and hear) below. I also saw them live at Rebellion in Blackpool earlier this year and they put on a great show. I still think his work with The Bastards was a lot stronger and certainly more interesting.

Download The Old Firm Casuals – This Means War

Number 19 – The Mobbs – Garage Punk For Boys

The Mobbs - Garage Punk for Boys

Released on Cravat Records

Massively underrated cravat punk from Northampton. A change in line-up doesn’t appear to have hindered them too much, although the promotion of this latest album has certainly been much reduced compared with previous albums. Where previously there would have been a flurry of videos there is a distinct lack of them for this release. No matter – heres an audio of the title track.

Download The Mobbs – Garage Punk For Boys


Number 18 – Ming City Rockers – ST

Released via The Big Cartel

Ming City Rockers

Based out of Immingham this lot make a great garage rock sound – this, their debut album is well worth listening to and a great one to have in the car. Small town England broken down into 3 minute bursts of noise and anger. The video below is definitely one that the Immingham tourist board should use immediately!

Download Ming City Rockers debut album





Number 17 – The Len Price 3 – Nobody Knows

Released on JLM Recordings / MRI

The Len Price 3 - Nobody Knows

A long time Who &  Jam fan, I always enjoy a bit of mod and was really looking forward to this release. If I’m honest I was a little disappointed, preferring their last album Pictures. That said, there are some great tracks on this album and when it came down to choosing just one I had quite a tough time. I went for My Grandad Jim in the end…enjoy

Download The Len Price 3 – Nobody Knows




Number 16 – The Wind Up Birds – Poor Music
The Wind Up Birds Poor Music

Released on Sturdy Records

Feeding my “Alt” taste buds the Wind Up Birds hail from my hometown of Leeds. This, their second full length isn’t as immediate as their debut, but is a real grower…excellent lyrics and well worth looking up – their debut album The Land is highly recommended as well.

Download The Wind Up Birds – Poor Music




Click here for Numbers 15 to 11 

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