011-365v4 Unexpected Bonus

Having just enjoyed some grapes following my luncheon (very middle class don’t ya know) Debbie, my wife, smiled and asked if i would like to see the bonus that came with the grapes? Sure, I said, what was it?

I think I’d have prefered not to have known 😉

It was, however, a good excuse to break out the mini sun light pad that I got for Christmas and used a week or so ago, along with my focus stacking rail that I got for Christmas a year ago and, much to my shame, had not used previously. This is, of course, a good reason for doing a 365 project. I used my 105mm Nikon macro lens (one of my favourite lenses) with my Nikon D800 camera.

What’s a focus stacking rail I hear you ask? Well, it’s a piece of equipment that sits on top of your tripod that enables you to move your camera, and therefore your focus point so you get the whole object in focus. This is particularly important in macro photography as your depth of field is incredibly shallow. It’s a reasonably easy enough piece of kit to use, although I didn’t take enough shots to get an entire in focus head-on bug…which was a little annoying, though I did better with the side on view. Once you have your photos you can combine them in photoshop using the blend property.

You’ll have gathered the creature was dead, which was just as well as one of its legs fell off as I was moving him around and he appears to have lost an eye. I have no idea what sort of Beetle (??) it is, I had a brief look on some ID sites…but I’m probably better off not knowing what it is 😉

Head on view of the bug
Head on view of the bug
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