Welcome to Mark Seton’s Website.


December 2020:

A could almost post the same update as I did for September 2018. As with the majority of the world these Covid times have taken something of a toll and it’s time to get back in the saddle. So, Project 365 v4 here we come. This time I’ll be strating on the 1st January, rather than mid year as last time. I’m also determind to get my ARPS back under way, I started it in the November before Covid arrived and I had to put it to one side during 2020. You can find out more by visiting thebrutalist.co.uk. So, 2021 is going to be a busy one photographically…

September 2018:

It’s been a while…simce my last 365 I’ve continued clicking away, I’m currently Chairman and Digital Secretary of Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club, but I have haven’t updated this web site for ages! Well…I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

October 2016:

Back again…I started my third 365 Project last month. Having achieved both my LRPS and my CPAGB photography awards I found I wasn’t getting out and about enough and my photography was suffering because of it. So, another 365 it is!

December 2013:

Well, this web site has been up and running now for a couple of years and it was time for a facelift…just in time for the start of my second 365 project. I successfully completed my first 365 project (actually it was a 366 project as it was a leapyear) back in 2012. For 2013 I decided to reduce my commitment and completed a 52 week project – it wasn’t anywhere near challenging enough and I slowly got out of the habit of using my camera every day…so for 2014, we’re back to it!

December 2011:

Throughout 2012 I intend to take at least 1 photograph per day, come rain or shine a new picture, good or bad, will appear on the blog pages everyday. The project started, rather unimaginatively, on 1st January 2012 and finally finished on 31st December 2012 – 366 pictures and a well earned day off on the 2nd January 2013 – the first day I had not taken a photograph for over a year. Now the Project is over, and I’ve had my days rest, I’ll continue to post a picture a day (pretty much), but that picture won’t necessarily have been taken on that day. ps You’ll probably find that this page is the least interesting page on the site – so head over to the blog pages for lots more.