It’s London Init! Part 4

Moving into the early morning of my overnight photography adventure through London I lost all my companions…no staying power. So I caught the first DLR from Bank and took a quick dash across to Canary Wharf where I collected the following images:

Adams Plaza Bridge, Canary Wharf Cross Rail
This is a shot of a new bridge into the new Cross-Rail station at Canary Wharf called the Adams Plaza Bridge – you’ll understand why this has quickly become one of the most photographed bridges in London with its Star Wars futuristic looks.

Approaching Canary Wharf Underground station there is this walk-way with these interesting clocks:

Canary Wharf tube station concourse London

I love the Security Guard top centre who was keeping a close eye on me. Moving into Canary Wharf station itself here is the obligatory cliche shot of the escalators:

Canary Wharf Underground Tube Station


I think I prefer this with just the one person using the escalators rather than none at all.


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