254-365v4 – If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

…your sure of a big surprise…as we were when we discovered a dog had joined us on our walk.

We were taking a very pleasant afternoon walk around Garnetts Wood when Basil, a black labrador, decided, as he had misplaced his owners, he’d come along with us. Fortunately he had a name tag on along with a contact number. The owner was called and we arranged to meet his sister at the car park. We fashioned a dog lead out of my Peak Design Slide camera strap and were delighted to hand Basil back. Basil had other ideas and refused to get in the car looking back at us in a rather forlorn manner. We ended up having to pick him up and put him into the car.

This shot was taken towards the beginning of the walk before Basil had joined us and shortly after I discovered I hadn’t put the battery back into my Nikon. A good thing I’d brought the Sony A6000 along as well…you can never have enough camera gear 😉

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