054-365v4 A 10% Chance

There is a 10% chance (actually 9.26%, but forgive my artistic licence) that a picture of this tree will appear in a random search of this current 365 project. It’s the 5th time I have chosen a picture including it. It’s the best tree on my morning walk, but today I have genuinely taken a new (at least for me) composition of the tree. It’s a shame that the light wasn’t great, although that little bit of mist gives a little bit of atmosphere. I’ll have to remember this for when we next have a good sunrise.

I am using a new to me (but secondhand) 16-70mm f4 Sony Zeiss lens that I got late last year and it has been my favourite lens on my little Sony A6000 camera that  I use on the walk since I got it.

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