039-365v4 Sparrow in the Hazel

As with much of the East of England today we have had a moderate snow fall. As we are in the South this has caused complete chaos. This, of course, makes no difference to me as I work from home, long gone are the “snow days” when it was perfectly legitimate to skive off work and go sledging/to the pub (not that you can go to the pub at the moment anyway).

So after a couple of indifferent table top shots over the weekend I fell back on the garden again, through the window for added comfort.

There was plenty of activity, Ratty and family were having a lovely time having enjoyed the lovely rat poison the neighbours put out for them (which they ate all of and it made not one jot of a difference to them, other than they felt fed!).

We had lots of birds coming in and out including this little Sparrow who spent some time in the twisted willow making sure all was safe before flying to the feeder. A small Dunnock also took advantage of this area.

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