013-365v4 Ratty

We’ve had a bit of a rat issue in the garden over the last year. We have a completely walled garden and we have lived here for over 20 years, but only recently have rats been visiting, we think because the neighbour has logs piled up against the wall they are able to get up that and over the wall.

I should say, we’re not dismayed by the appearance of the rats, we could do without them though especially as the other neighbour isn’t keen at all. The Dark Assassin has had one (an old battle scared brute who was the first to find his way in) we then bought an humane rat trap (which is really good) and caught 2 rats and a squirrel in that. The squirrel (who was not even vaguely pleased that he’d been trapped) was released and did a high speed lap around the garden before leaving over the wall. She returns to this day, so no damage done. The two caught rats were taken down to the back of the town church yard and released down by the river.

We have one rat left, this one. S/he’s wise to the trap, but s/he’ll go in soon enough, otherwise the Dark Assassin may well have he/r and we don’t really want that.

By the way, one of my favourite albums of all time is The Stranglers “Rattus Norvegicus” – it’s a cracker, go and buy it 😉

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