It’s London Init! Part 8

From Woolwich I headed back towards central London and had a quick look at the Thames Barrier…the tide was out and the fog was down…I have pictures…but they are too dull!! I did, however, have a very pleasant sit down and cup of coffee at the Thames Barrier Park Cafe and as I sat there I had the first site of the sun… So, time to move on. I saw this old near derelict public convenience on the way back to the DLR which had definitely seen better days…but made a slightly cherrier picture than the Thames Barrier!

Derelict loos Docklands

So, with the sun trying to break out I decided to head for Greenwich and some more conventional views of London. At the DLR there was this rather good view of Millennium Mills which is in the process of being converted to flats…but is still regularly used as a film location.

Millenium Mills

Jumping off the DLR at Greenwich I dived into huge crowds of tourists all busy marching up the hill to the Observatory where the obligatory shot of the Docklands skyscrapers is always a good one…of course your get plenty of idiots who decide they are far more important than everyone else and skip over the barrier to take their picture.

Idiot with iPhone far more important than 100 peopel behind the barriier taking their pictures at Greenwich Observatory

There was still quite a misty haze across the horizon which I have cleaned up somewhat in Lightroom with the new dehaze option…which is pretty good.

By now I was exhausted and decided it was time to head back. I changed from the DLR to the tube at Canary Wharf and snapped this shot for the rushing commuter and tube in the background as much for the archetypal tube sign front and centre with the normal detritus of coffee cups and cans littering the scene.

Canary Wharf underground tube sign and rushing tube train and commuter

I’m always glad when I make the effort to go into London and I think I’m going to spend more time in the Docklands area over the next year.


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