290/365v2 Silver Birch at Anglesey Abbey

Our week of visiting National Trust properties finished with a visit to Anglesey Abbey, our 4th property of the week. We were again impressed by the National Trust marketing and sales machine, very busy despite it being a pretty dull Autumn morning (it brightened up considerably in the afternoon), with very good facilities for the visitor.

I, obviously, had to get the cliche Silver Birch shot you see here. I think every photographer who visits gets this shot. This is actually a vertorama – 3 shots stitched vertically to give better height to the photograph. It was bright so I struggled to get a slow enough shutter speed.

More views of the Silver Birch’s after the breakLooking up at the Silver Birch at Angelsey Abbey

Silver Birch Stand at Angelsey Abbey

Autumnal Silver Birch at Angelsey Abbey
Here’s the Abbey itself:

Anglesey Abbey

Inside the Abbey there were a lot of valuable paintings, clocks, books, objets d’arts and yet I was most impressed with the number of these Salter scales that were present in all the bathrooms, apparently because Lord Fairhaven was obsessed with his weight.

A Gentleman's Obsession

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