269/365v2 Blue Tide

I popped back to the scene of a photo I took earlier this week. The tide, which I thought was going out, was a lot higher than last time I was here so I couldn’t get round the fallen tree. I didn’t mind, as this turned out to be just as interesting a picture.

I used my Hitech 10 stop filter, but really enjoyed the blue cast that I got SOCC so kept it, correcting the colour only in the bottom corner for the sand.

After the break, hear how I managed to get cut off by the tide…

Cut Off

This was the first shot I took when I reached this spot…I thought the tide was going out, turned round and started taking some long exposure shots (as per the main picture). After 30 minutes I turned back round to find my piece of sand had shrunk somewhat and the water was lapping around the base of the mud sides.

Off came the shoes and socks, the trousers were rolled up and I paddled my way around the headland and back to terra firma…then back to work with slightly damp and sandy feet.

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