183/365v2 A Request from Australia

I received a request via the web site from a lady in Australia who was looking for any shots of Bigods Farm and house as she is related to a John Jenour who was apparently given Bigods by Henry VIII.

Well, I’ve seen this sign many, many times.

Bigods Farm

I’ve even walked up this road briefly before veering off onto a public footpath, so tonight I thought I’d take a stroll up there and see if I could find the place in question.

Bigods Lane

The evening had been unremittingly dreary with low grey cloud obscuring the sky, but as I set off down Bigods Lane I thought I spotted the setting sun making a brief appearance. As I rounded the corner I was greeted with the great sunset you see as the main image for this story. Sadly the break in the cloud cover didn’t last long and we were soon heading back into overcast territory, but not before I was able to get this shot looking directly away from the sunset.

Bigods Lane Tree

On I plodded…this lane goes on a ways…it couldn’t be much further surely. I could see a house sat at the top of the hill and a different farm house appeared as well…but no sign of Bigods Farm…on I went until I reached Bigods Hall. Well, this must be something impressive I thought. I should have been warned by the entrance signage:

Bigods Hall, this way

This wasn’t what I was looking for…and I’ve walked a fair way…and it’s starting to get dark…will I reach this Tudor mansion?

Bigods Hall
Good to see someone was working late though 😉 On I trudged for the next farm premises, and I think I found what I was looking for…although I will admit to being a little disappointed.

Bigods Farm

There was a gate barring entrance and, as the light was fast failing and I didn’t have a tripod I decided that this shot would do for this evening and it was time to head off home. Clearly though, there is some renovation in progress and there is clearly an old Tudor building present. Better light and getting closer should produce some better results – look out for more soon!

On the way back I was amused to see this nesting Peacock – most people have problems with Blackbirds and Crows nesting in their chimneys – but not here! (Oh and round trip – 4 miles…not quite what I was expecting when I set off!)

Peacock Alert!

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