122-365v4 Oily Duck

It’s an old trick photographing oil on water and one that I tried ages ago, but I have some very specific shots in mind and used this Bank Holiday afternoon to hone the techniques I will need to take the shots (I hope!).

Unfortunately, practice time was shortened when I accidentally knocked the glass (well pyrex) bowl of water over drowning the kitchen floor in the process. I decided I’d better pack it in after that 😉

I was somewhat disappointed and surprised to find that only one of the shots was properly in focus. I’d very carefully focused by using the live view screen and zooming in on the bubbles, bearing in mind I was on a tripod I’m not sure why so little was properly in focus, so I’ll have to look into that when I re-set up the shot.

I’ve included a few of the other shots below for your enjoyment, but the featured shot is in response to all the duckling, gosling and signet photographs that are appearing across social media at the moment…and I didn’t want to be left out!

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