Radio Radio November New Releases Show

We listen to all the new punk and ska music released/about to be released and compile it in a nice small, easily consumed package.  This month’s edition is available now here:

This month we have the following tracks:

Snuff – Match of the Day (not new at all…but great track all the same!)
Wadeye – Word About Time (Visit them on Bandcamp)
Molar – Auslännerwahlrecht (Visit them on Bandcamp)
Guttfull – The Power (Visit them on Bandcamp)
Slow Faction – Antifascist (Demo) (Visit them on Bandcamp)
Touts – Rip It Off Me
Bad Religion – My Sanity
Debt Neglector – I’m So Bored With the U.S.A. (Visit them on Bandcamp)
Dave Hause – Lemon Hill
Millencolin – SOS
Shadows of Defeat – Headwind
Cartoon Violence – Insincere
Hub City Stompers – Phantom
Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros – Red Alert (Visit them on Bandcamp)
The Casualties – 1312
Atterkop – Feed (Visit them on Bandcamp)
Bearfist – Destroy The Magnet (Visit them on Bandcamp)
Wadeye – Dead Native (Visit them on Bandcamp)

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