Radio Radio Episode 9

This weeks edition is available now here:

This week we have the following tracks:

Big Audio Dynamite – Baby, Don’t Apologise
Rollins Band – Disconnect
Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros – Minstrel Boy
Smokey Bastard – Boatepitaph (Pt II)
The Specials – Can’t Get A Break
Inspecter 7 – Hub City Stompers
The Scaramanga Six – A Cold One At The Wit’s End
The Hives – Supply and Demand
Da Skywalkers – A Cog In The Machinery
The Vandals – Pizza Trian (She Delivers)
Sleaford Mods – Tiswas
Glassjaw – Radio Cambodia
Sonic Boom Six – Drop The Bass (And Pick It Up)
Joe Strummer – Leopardskin Limousines
Common Rider – Toss Around
Star Fucking Hipsters – Severance Pay
Mel Tepid & the Soul Ska Farmers – Stop
Easy Big Fella – Regular Guy
Looking Up – Open Up Your Mind
The Scaramanga Six – Last Roll of the Dice
The System – Dogs of War

From Choirboy to Punk Rocker Episode 9

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