80/365v3 A View of the Town of Thaxted

The forecast suggested that we might have a rather nice sunset this evening so I packed up my kit and headed over to Thaxted and an area of the edge of the town that has recently been cleared of a lot of hedges opening up the view of the church and windmill…Issues I had

  • No sunset (at all, pretty much unremitting grey!)
  • My 70-200mm lens decided to stop focusing…and I didn’t realise for a while (it still makes the right noises, it just doesn’t focus, unless you manually focus it)
  • The council are repairing the road to my immediate left – there’s a set of traffic lights and a million cones that I have had to remove in photoshop
  • My battery ran out
  • There was a bunch of telephone wires (and poles) right across the image that had to be removed
  • It was really grey

I still enjoyed the act of being out there and making pictures, even if they weren’t really the shots I had in mind in the first place – I got some fresh air, a bit of exercise and a shot for today’s 365…and I was home nice and early for the footy…a pretty good afternoon despite everything!

The main image is an 8 shot panorama (each shot is a 5 shot HDR – so a total of 40 shots!), and I’ve also included a “close up” of the windmill below:

Autumn at John Webbs Windmill, Thaxted

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