230/366 Leading the Way

I spent a very pleasant hour this evening sitting by Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow watching the ducks, geese, moorhen and house martins flitting around the pond. I’ve lived here for about 12 years and can’t remeber a time when we have had so many Canadian Geese living around the pond.

I’ve been aware of a mass exodus of geese happening each evening between 7.00 and 7.30 and was interested to see if they all left together or if they left in dribs and drabs. As it turned out they left in 3 groups. They all settle down for a little rest and grass eating for 20 minutes or so. The first group then got up and sauntered up towards the Downs at the top of the hill. After around 5 minutes of milling around this group (about half the geese) took off across and over the pond.

After another 20 minutes the second group got up and sauntered to the top of the hill. Another 5 minutes and they were off in the same way. I thought all had gone so was walking home when the final 8 geese (who must have been hidden over the brow of the hill) left.

Lead the way

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  1. Can I use flying geese photo in my nature notes column in local parish mag in rodings please; would of course acknowledge the source

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