…in with the new

So, after some consideration we decided to go for an Audi this time round and got a new A1 – a whopping 7 miles on the clock and , no doubt, about £3k straight off its value as I drove it out the garage.

We’re really happy with it, I’m particularly happy with the stereo – which happily talks to my (new) Samsung Galaxy S2 (I’ve got all sorts of new toys to play with!) and plays all my music straight off there – no more CD’s cluttering up everything. It also takes 2 SD cards (I’ve already filled 1 slot with 32gb of music – it took all night to transfer from my external hard drive mind) ) and I’ve got the appropriate flex on order to connect my iPod Touch. Entertainment all the way!

It’s on board computer display will probably end up killing me as I examine my average speed, fuel consumption and how many miles I can go until I run out of petrol – I spend more time looking at that than at the road…

Despite having 300 less cc it still develops only 2 PS less than the Puma and it has a nice turn of speed – not quite as quick as the Quattro version which will apparently do 0-60 in 3.8 seconds! It’s quick enough for me though.

One issue – it’s not stopped raining since I got it and, being black, it’s filthy already.

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