Cat causes an early rise

Saturday night I joked with my wife that I really needed to be up at the crack of dawn to catch the sun rise, especially in view of the good weather we’re having, we agreed, there was no chance I’d get up at 5.00am to catch it…clearly the cat had heard the conversation…

At 5.00am Sunday morning I was awoken by the cat using the top of my bare foot as a rope ladder to join us in bed. Having leapt up onto the bed the old fella found he hadn’t quite made it and sunk his claws into the nearest solid looking item . Whilst painful and certainly a highly effective alarm call I would, normally just go back to sleep, unfortuntely, I’m allergic to cats. The foot started to itch like I’d given it a good rub in some nettles and a 6 inch long weald grew quite impressively down the length of my foot. There was no way I was going to get back to sleep!  So, out i stepped into the dawn light and captured this:

Remarkably, there were no fishermen sat around the pond at this time of the morning – it must be pretty much the only time of the day at this time of year that you don’t find them gathered around Doctors Pond pulling fish out and then putting them back in!

Oh, and I forgave the cat, despite the fact that, even now, not far off 48 hours later my foot still itches!

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