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159-365v4 Melting

It’s been pretty warm in Dunmow today, even at 7:30am when this picture was taken it was really quite warm…so I gave this ox-eye daisy a run through the “flood” filter in photoshop to give this melting sort of look.

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Surrounding the Tree

155-365v4 Surrounding the Tree

One of the good things about doing a 365 photo a day project is the fact that you are encouraged to use all the gear you have piled up but don’t use that much. I’ve certainly suffered from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and I have the additional failing that I

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It's That Tree Again

146-365v4 It’s That Tree Again

I broke out my infra-red converted Nikon D60 camera for the first time this year, depsite the fact that it was overcast first thing this morning. I’d decided I was going to use it last night and charged the battery up so wasn’t going to be put off by a

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One Harrassed Coal Tit

134-365v4 A Number Muck Up and One Harrassed Coal Tit

I’ve got 2 x 66 posts…and I really can’t be bothered working my way backwards renaming every page…so we’ve just skipped number 133, but it’s there…or is it a kind of Schrödinger’s 133… So, today we have our rather splendid Coal Tit…who’s been looking more and more harrassed as this

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Mark Seton

Mark Seton

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club (and am a past Chairman) and I hold both LRPS and CPAGB distinctions.