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Bigods Lane

159-365v4 Melting

It’s been pretty warm in Dunmow today, even at 7:30am when this picture was taken it was really quite warm…so I gave this ox-eye daisy a run through the “flood” filter in photoshop to give this melting sort of look.

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It Must be nearly Wimbledon
close up

158-365v4 It must be nearly Wimbledon

The wild strawberries grow well in our small garden – I’ve included a shot of the flower earlier this year so it is only right that I keep you up to date with their progress. With the number of birds (not to mention the 2 remaining rats) that live and

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Coming Soon

154-365v4 Coming Soon

Is it just me, or does this (about to explode into life I’m assured) budding Campanula Takion White (or Fairy Bell Flower I’m reliably informed) look like one of those seed pods on the Alien film series? Should I be worried?

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Mountain Geranium
close up

150-365v4 Mountain Geranium

This, as the title suggests, is a Mountain Geranium. This is the third time I’ve shot this flower recently. Today I’ve made a 6 shot photo stack to increase the depth of field. I handheld this shot so couldn’t really manage many more than that 😉 I think my earlier

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149-365v4 Chive

Another shot from the garden. The chives reappear every year and always add a nice splash of colour to the place.

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Amethyst Dream.
Amethyst Dream

148-365v4 Amethyst Dream

We’ve actually done some gardening this year…the first time for a long time. When I say we, I do, of course, mean Debbie. I tend to be the slash and burn man, but this year I have put up 2 trellises with 1 more to go up this weekend. This

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Infra-Red Seedhead
close up

147-365v4 Infra-Red Seedhead

I’m not sure why I haven’t tried this before – infra-red macro. I rather like what the process has done to this dandelion seedhead – there’s definitely some mileage in this – expect to see a re-worked (ie better, in focus) version of this in the next few days and

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Dandelion Clock
close up

135-365v4 Dandelion Clock

I haven’t photographed one of these for a long time, and today wasn’t an ideal time to photograph it because we’ve had a fair amount of rain today and the seed “feathers” (they probably have a proper name but I don’t know it!) were “closed” on the whole. Nevertheless, it

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An Iron fist in a velvet glove
blended images

115-365v4 An iron fist in a velvet glove

Today (and indeed yesterday) we have spent sorting the garden out, which included a visit to the local garden centre. The garden is now much improved. In amongst the rubbish and weeds we came across some wild strawberries which have just burst into flower and an old rusting two wheeled

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Mark Seton

Mark Seton

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club (and am a past Chairman) and I hold both LRPS and CPAGB distinctions.