101-365v4 A Chilly Start on Beaumont Hill.

It was another cold one this morning when I ventured out with my new teeny tiny Sony RX100 for the first time. I have to say, I’m really impressed with the quality of the images from such a small camera. This was a 3 shot HDR (via Lightroom)…I’m not convinced by the 0.7 stop over and below base…but I guess it gives you a little latitude and, in fairness, it produced some great images this morning.

So very happy with that. I did question whether it was better than my phone camera…and yes, I do think, despite being over 8 year old technology, it is better than my (new) Galaxy as much becasue I pretty much know where everything is on the Sony, I always have to fight the phone to get the settings I want…and I regularly lose!

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