086-365v4 Fish-Eye

Sometimes (often!) things simply don’t go as expected. My aim today was to photograph soap bubbles in a small dish. Pretty straight forward you would think…nope! I mixed up my soapy water and blew some pretty impressively large bubbles that held for a good amount of time thans to the addition of some glycerin, but I just wasn’t getting the colours I was expecting. I persevered and found that the softer I got my light the better the colours got…still not what I hoped for, but getting there.

What I hadn’t realised through the 100 odd shots I took was, at some point shortly after getting the focus sorted out I must have knocked either the camera (which was on a tripod) or the dish that contained the soap bubble leaving all the images rather soft.

To compound things there was an issue with lightroom (it wouldn’t open) and I went to bed a bit miffed. In the morning I fixed Lightroom and had a play around with the images I had and came up with this strange sort of abstract construct that reminded me of a fish-eye and Debbie a frog.

So, I’ll be having another go at this shortly and see if I can overcome the issues I faced.

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