074/365v4 One For Sorrow

This is another image I’ve made for a camera club competition. You have to pick 4 subjects from a list of 8 and produce 4 images based on those 4 subjects with only images you have taken in the last year.

This image is in response to the subject “signs”. My intention had been to do a picture of coloured paper made to look like colourful Mediteranean walls on a street with a street sign on the third. Somehow that morphed into this image!

Centered around the continuous mistakes and U-turns made by this countries government, this was nearly called “Round and Round the Mulbery Bush we go”. I’m not entirely sure about the magpie, but when I wanted to include a bird of some sort and when I picked out this shot from the garden the title came to me at the same time…so there you go.

I don’t often do this style of imagery so it will be interesting to hear what the judge has to say next week.

Oh, by the way, the image from today included in this image is the road way in the foreground, disapperaing into the background into the clouds.

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