332/366 Physalis

I remember seeing my first Kiwi Fruit and Ugly Fruit when I was 9 or 10, they were really unusual and quite a treat. My parents had a close friend who was a fruit and veg man and he’d give us gifts of these strange and exotic fruits at Christmas…often playing with the International date line so he could say they had been picked just yesterday even though they had been flown across from New Zealand and were actually 2 days out of the earth (or off the tree/bush), marketers eh!

So this is a fruit I hadn’t come across before but noticed in our local Tesco’s weeks ago. I knew it would be worth photographing, so today you get an overview. You may well get a close up of the papery leafy covering they come with and a look inside one of the fruits…we’ll see how my list of subjects for this weeks photos goes…

Anyway, they are sticky to the touch but pleasant enough to eat, there’s a slightly tart, yet sweet grape taste to them and it reminds me somewhat of a tomato as you eat the seeds within.


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