203/366 The Web of Fear

I went out today with all 3 extension rings attached to my camera and the 105mm macro lens to go for really small stuff. Whilst this spider isn’t particularly small I was looking to capture the web, more than the actual spider and I was delighted with the results.

The title – The Web of Fear – was actually an old Doctor Who story featuring the Yeti’s – this is the very earliest recollection I have of Doctor Who (either this or it’s predecessor series – The Abominable Snowman), Sadly I can’t see these episodes again as it is one of the series that was destroyed by the BBC back in the 70’s because the film took up too much storage space – perhaps a salutatory lesson to all photographers today – storage is cheap – do you really want to ditch those pictures?

You see how I got back to photography eventually? 😉

The Web of Fear


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