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Festive Corkage

143/365v3 – Festive Corkage

Playing with my instant bokeh generator (silver foil and torch – see 141/365v3 for more) I found a champagne cork from New Year’s eve and this turned into a mission to make an image out of a cork and some black velvet I have. One cork became two in photoshop

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Sennheiser HD215 Headphones

170/365v2 Sennheiser HD215

A bit of product photography today – using some black velvet as a background and using some borrowed light stands and umbrellas with my strobes – 2 lights on this one left and right of the camera.

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Mark Seton

Mark Seton

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club (and am a past Chairman) and I hold both LRPS and CPAGB distinctions.