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Red Sky in the Morning, Shepherds Warning
red sky

292-365v4 Red Sky in the Morning

The sheep, bottom right, would like to know what he needs to be worried about with the “red sky in the morning, shepherds warning” rubbish! I haven’t tinkered (unusually) with the colours here, it’s what the camera produced, but I must admit I don’t recall the red colours being quite

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Black or White?

291-365v4 Black or White? – Black and White Unite XXII

I dug around in my little box of bits and pieces and found the cheapo coffee beans I got from the Co-Op back in January. Despite having been used in numerous photos and having been in an opened pack for all this time they still smell delicious…and they still make

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Sunshine Through a Rainy Window

290-365v4 Sunshine Through a Rainy Window

A bit of abstraction on a typical autumnal British day. One moment it’s lovely sunshine (if a bit breezy) and the next it’s like the house is going through a car wash its raining so hard! Now into the evening and I realised it was still pouring and I had

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Blue Maple

289-365v4 Blue Maple

It’s often fun to completely invert an image in photoshop which is what I did here to get this blue, almost festive, image. It’s quite similar to an earlier shot I took that you can see here.

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Pea Souper

288-365v4 Pea Souper

Woke up this morning to fog here and was quote keen to get out and photograph it. Despite it being reasonably decent fog I was pretty disappointed in the shots I got, mainly because of the lack of fog in them! This is the second appearance of this little tree

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Lighting the Way
garden lights

287-365v4 Lighting the Way

A bit of a throwaway shot today as it’s been a really busy day and I’ve not really had time to get out and so any photography and I’ve run out of steam now! I put up an Ikea shelving system for the garden today…so you’ll forgive my tiredness 😉

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286-365v4 Kearsley Airways Painting Facility

I had to pop into Bishop’s Stortford this afternoon as our Waitrose delivery van had broken down (yeah, we’re posh like that, I best not mention we also get an Ocado delivery midweek as well!) so I had to go and pick up our shopping – very impressed with the

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Persistent Little Bugger
bird seed

285-365v4 Persistent Little Bugger

Ratty 4 Us 0 We’ve (well, Debbie has) worked really hard to secure the garden against the rats and we think that they no longer live in our garden. All bird food had been removed and then we slowly reintroduced the hanging bird food having protected the poles to prevent

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Purple Pansy

284-365v4 Purple Pansy

A quick one from the garden here, one of the new plants Debbie got at the weekend now in one of the hanging baskets.

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Beaumont Hill

283-365v4 Slither

Just the barest slither of a sunrise this morning before the clouds closed up and snuffed it our altogether, it works pretty well in a panorama though. A little further along the walk we got this view of the sunrise:

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Mark Seton

Mark Seton

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club (and am a past Chairman) and I hold both LRPS and CPAGB distinctions.