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Small Purple and Gold (Mint) Moth
mint moth

248-365v4 – Small Purple and Gold (Mint) Moth

I think this is a small purple and gold (Pyrausta aurata) moth also known as a Mint Moth…and we do have mint in the garden. I’m a bit unsure because, well, there’s not much purple on it and last time we had these in the garden they were quite purple.

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Skatepark Under the Road

247-365v4 – Skatepark Under the Road.

It’s almost 10 years to the day that I last visited this site. I had no idea it was that long ago until I looked up this shot on Flickr. In the intervening years there has been a little skatepark built under it and, as you will see, some pretty

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246-365v4 - New England Aster

246-365v4 – New England Aster

Debbie has a new flower about to bloom to keep me entertained when I have nothing else to photograph. This is a New England aster (Aster novae-angliae) and as you will gather, it hasn’t bloomed just yet, but it’s on its way. We have a couple of the flower heads

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Terminus House, Harlow

245-365v4 Terminus House, Harlow

Today’s image is a composite of an image I made today along with an image from the Bank Holiday of Terminus House in Harlow…in fact, you get two images – the second, a more straight forward black and white rendition of the same image. The building was originally a brutalist

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Low Hanging Fruit

244-365v4 – Low Hanging Fruit

It’s the 1st of September, which means we are heading into Autumn (it only seems a couple of weeks ago I was starting this 365 project!) so it seemed reasonable to photograph this apple that hung nicely in my eye line as I had my morning walk. It could have

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Red White and Blue down the M11

243-365v4 – Red White and Blue down the M11

Out with the camera club this evening and photographing light trails on the M11. There was quite a lot of police activity, hence the blue lights shown here…I actually made a timelapse of the evening which you can see below and is actually what I set out to make in

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Echinacea on the turn
cone flower

242-365v4 – Echinacea on the turn.

Thanks goodness for the Echinacea in the garden, they’ve really helped me out with photos for the 365 over the past few weeks…this can’t last unfortunately and they are definitely on their way out now.

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Moth in Purple

240-365v4 Moth in Purple

There’s been a certain lack of energy and inspiration today (well, much of this week to be fair), so all you’re getting today is a moth with a rather vivid purple (plant pot) background 😉

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Mark Seton

Mark Seton

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club (and am a past Chairman) and I hold both LRPS and CPAGB distinctions.