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Rebellion Festival 2021

310 to 313 – 365v4 , The Catch Up Edition

So, I’ve been very lazy with the 365 this week. I’ve really not felt enthused about it at all, but, importantly I have taken photos (maybe not very interesting photos admittedly) each day…and here they are. 310 – 365v4 – Rebellion My brother and I go to the Rebellion Festival

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My Penknife

309-365v4 My Penknife

Whilst this isn’t the most exciting image I’ve taken, it has given me some ideas for a more interesting shot. It’s funny how just going through the motions (forcing yourself) of taking a photograph can actually set you thinking about different, far more interesting shots and can help you out

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Socket Serpent

308-365v4 Socket Serpent

I bought a cheap socket set for a very specific purpose, received it and realised it was completely the wrong tool for the job! It’s been sat next to me for months and I finally decided to photograph it yesterday and thought I’d try creating a creepy animal thing out

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Heading Into Autumn

306-365v4 Heading Into Autumn

I’ve been a day behind publishing these photos all week so today you get two shots for the price of one as a bit of a catch up. We visited Rowney Woods yesterday and had a lovely autumnal walk. I took 11 photographs none of which satisfied me…still, at least

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Four Candles / Fork Handles!

305-365v4 Four Candles

I decided I’d have a go at illustrating the classic Two Ronnies sketch “Four Candles” (which you can see below). Ironically I had completely forgotten that the part of the gag that I’ve illustrated was the misunderstanding that the customer wanted fork handles, not four candles, however, the fork handles

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The Twilight Zone
black and white

304-365v4 The Twilight Zone – Black and White Unite XXIX

This was quite fun, using the defraction of an image in a water bubble to produce this shot. It only took 102 shots to get that just about central! Should have got the tripod out instead of doing it handheld. There’s a second version below that is a bit more

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House in the Clouds

302-365v4 House in the Clouds

We’re on holiday this week and did what we often fo on holiday and headed off to Aldeburgh for lunch. This time we decided to visit Thorpeness, just up the coast as we have seen Aldeburgh so many times. Well, we weren’t disappointed, what a wonderful small coastal town. In

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Mark Seton

Mark Seton

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club (and am a past Chairman) and I hold both LRPS and CPAGB distinctions.