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House in the Clouds

302-365v4 House in the Clouds

We’re on holiday this week and did what we often fo on holiday and headed off to Aldeburgh for lunch. This time we decided to visit Thorpeness, just up the coast as we have seen Aldeburgh so many times. Well, we weren’t disappointed, what a wonderful small coastal town. In

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300-365v4 Lines down the Industrial Estate.

300-365v4 Lines down the Industrial Estate

I do enjoy this type of photography, it’s all about the lines and then the bits and pieces that break the symmetry. This is a relatively new industrial estate just off the M11 near Stansted Airport on the Dunmow Road. You often see these switched to black and white, but

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Sunrise at the Tree
Bigods Lane

299-365v4 Sunrise at the Tree

It’s been a little while since this tree on Bigods Lane featured on the daily photograph, so after a few days of table top photography it felt right to include this dawn shot of my favourite tree on my morning walk. Despite the steady rain, we still got a reasonable

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297-365v4 Dotty Black and White Unite XXVI

Continuing on a similar theme, this one turned out a bit too similar to the previous couple, but I made the mistake of updating Adobe Lightroom and it took an age to update, by which time I’d had enough…so this is what you get!

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Into The Abyss Black and White Unite XXV
ball bearing

296-365v4 Into The Abyss Black and White Unite XXV.

After yesterday’s consideration of the amount of ink it would take to print a dark version of one of these I thought “stuff it, to hell with the ink”! And made the dark background you see here. It reminded Debbie of a Madonna video, I’m not sure if that is

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Into The Void Black and White Unite XXIV

295-365v4 Into The Void Black and White Unite XXIV

Back to preparing some backgrounds for these types of photographs. I originally had this as white dots on transparent background, but of course ink jet printers don’t print white and I didn’t really want to use all the ink that printing all that black background would take!

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294-365v4 Drained

Continuing the coffee theme from the last few days here’s a bit of a fun composite of 3 photographs to build the final image.

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Mark Seton

Mark Seton

I'm an amateur photographer who enjoys music. I'm currently the Digital Secretary of the Bishops Stortford Camera club (and am a past Chairman) and I hold both LRPS and CPAGB distinctions.