MidJourney Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Tree Houses

Whilst I’ve not had a great deal of time for photography recently (especially after the acquisition of our new dog Jess), when I do have a spare few moments you’ll find me over on a Discord server creating all sorts of weird and wonderful images in the MidJourney AI.

This is a great program that takes both your own images as well as straight forward text prompts and turns them into images. These are great for inspiration, but also for creating new pieces of art to enjoy.

I’ve created literally thousands of new images, but here’s a pick of some tree houses I made recently. Some of them have strange imperfections and random objects, which I could easily have removed in phootshop but have left as it adds to the quirky charm of the images. 

If you have an interest in AI and want to join in the fun then visit the MidJourney quick start guide here for all the basic details. I would recommend having a look on You Tube for some starter videos to get you going – Analog_Dreams has a great set of starter tutorials for MidJourney AI with Part 1 here.


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