A Tyred Great Yarmouth

I visited Great Yarmouth yesterday for work and stopped off on the sea front when I had finished to have a look round and take a picture of the local theatre/cinema which looks lovely. This was thwarted in 2 ways, firstly there was a large lorry parked right in front of it. It was there to pick up an arcade machine from the next door amusement arcade.

I watched for 10 minutes as a group of men tried to man-handle this machine out of the arcade, breaking their lifting device in the process. Much scratching of heads followed and it was decided that a cup of tea would be needed to oil the wheels…then the  heavens opened!

I headed back to the car in the driving rain, but picked up a few interesting images on the way. I particularly enjoyed the image of the tyres, industrial estate and Nelson’s monument which I thought worked quite well. I will have to wait for my next visit before I can get the cinema image.


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